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AbSUrd - Close to Distantly [LP]

Image of AbSUrd - Close to Distantly [LP]


Close to Distantly Vinyl Edition (2012)

A1. Intro
A2. Somewhere Else
A3. As The Loot Bag Laughs
A4. Muddy Perdition
A5. Thin Air w. Bleubird
A6. Shadows Of Reindeer
A7. Beyond The Knowledge
B1. Ordinary
B2. Human Weakness Lead Astray
B3. A Lesson In Skinning Goats
B4. The H
B5. Not Need... Lantern
B6. Even Sultans Fall
B7. Outro


Additional vocals by :
Babel Fishh, Bleubird, Ceschi Ramos, James P Honey, jamesreindeer, Univac.

Additional instrumentation by jamesreindeer & Nadia D' Alo.

Handmade by AbSUrd.

Limited to 250 copies.

Cooler Than Cucumbers Records.